• Translational Science Lab

    College of Medicine, Florida State University

    Tallahassee, FL
    3,330 s.f.
Located in the Research Wing of the College of Medicine, this unfinished space was designed to house a Translational Science Lab. This lab will be a primary blood and tissue sample repository and analysis facility for the University and will support researchers from around the country who are interested in using the samples to unlock and solve chronic and inherited diseases.

The lab is composed of a suite of clean analytical spaces supported by secured long term reference sample storage space. Samples are stored in the Ultra Cold Freezer Room containing 17 sub-zero freezers or in the Cryo Storage Room containing 6 Cryostorage vessels cooled with liquid nitrogen. A liquid nitrogen storage tank was installed on the exterior adjacent to the lab to support the cryostorage vessels. Samples are retrieved from the storage spaces and prepared in the Sample Prep Lab and analyzed in the Analytical Lab. The Laboratory is designed to accommodate a total of eight (8) scientist at any given time.