• Navy Lodge Additions

    Mayport Naval Station

    Mayport, FL
    22,000 s.f.
  • Located on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean at the mouth of the St. John’s River, this three-story, 36 unit addition adds approximately 20,000 s.f. to the existing facility. The addition parallels the coastline and abutts the existing lodge to the south. An eight foot wide breeze-way was left between the two structures to maintain access to the beach for patrons.

    The new addition adds centralized vending and service care for the entire facility. Guestroom plans match existing as well as the exterior finishes and color scheme.

    Each floor has twelve guestrooms containing a small kitchenette & dining area. Two of the guestrooms on the ground floor are handicapped accessible.

    The $3,870,000.00 facility was ready for operation in July of 2002.