• Youth Center ~ "Paradise Beach"

    Mayport Naval Station

    Mayport, FL
    17,000 s.f.
  • Located on the Mayport Naval Base, this 17,000 S.F. Youth Center serves the children of the base, as an after hours school program during regular school year, and as a day use activity center during the summer. The interior of the facility was designed with a tropical atmosphere, utilizing bold color. Murals adorn the main entrance corridors, with “sandcastle” archways highlighting secondary corridors.
  • The facility contains five classrooms ranging from 1,200 S.F. To 1,700 S.F., a dance room with floating wood floor, game room, computer lab, snack bar, office space, and a 2,,000 S.F. Multi-purpose room. Each classroom has its own individual color scheme, and is equipped with storage cabinets, and sinks. A secure playground includes a concrete basketball court and playground equipment.