Meet the Design Staff

  • Design Staff

    Our approach to design is divided into two activities. The first activity is to analyze the needs of our clients. This includes the collection of all data necessary to understand and define the problem statement. The second activity is to solve the problem statement by conceptualizing a building design through the synthesis of collected data, including external issues. Our design philosophy is based on the premise that building design is basically an act of identifying, assembling and refining parts into a whole. Our building designs support the activities of the users of the facility, while responding to the context of the surrounding environment. Our designs reflect the dialogue between external forces and interior programmed spaces. Our design process starts with a list of key concerns and issues in the problem to be addressed. We translate these key issues into visual images through diagraming and then synthesize the diagramed issues into a building plan and form. Our process stresses a balance weighting of the elements effecting the design including space, structure, enclosure, systems, context and economy. Our designs strive for a balance of all these elements that we believe achieves an accommodating and creative architecture.

Design Approach

The remaining design team totals 3, composed of a young agressive staff, ready to give your project the personal attention and coordinatiion with consultants and contractors that your project may require. With emphasis on the economy of a space, the schedule of time, project delivery, as well as the coordination of all parties involved in the process from conception through construction, design has always been a focus. Design succcess is determined by the client’s success.